Image of Blinded By the Ice - Yuri!!! on Ice fanbook
  • Image of Blinded By the Ice - Yuri!!! on Ice fanbook
  • Image of Blinded By the Ice - Yuri!!! on Ice fanbook
  • Image of Blinded By the Ice - Yuri!!! on Ice fanbook
  • Image of Blinded By the Ice - Yuri!!! on Ice fanbook

Blinded By the Ice - Yuri!!! on Ice fanbook


Yuri!!! on Ice fanbook
Format: B6 size, 172 pages

2nd edition: 4 color Risograph cover, B&W printing with colour inserts, perfect bound

1st edition: 80% Risograph printing and some b&w pages with colour inserts and colour cover, perfect bound, hand collated SOLD OUT ONLINE, limited stock at events only

Content: comedic and sweet nostalgic stories
Rating: All-ages

Once in 10 years I am moved enough by an existing work to create fanwork. Yuri!!! on Ice meant a lot to me so here I am with a long comic book celebrating my love for it.

Two main stories:

Don't Leave Me This Way - 1977-1980 AU story featuring Victor and Yuuri. Because Victor is part of the USSR team he and Yuuri can only meet during competitions. They keep in contact through letters during the off-season. Roller disco, a date in Vienna, famous Hotel Okura in Tokyo, and other fabulous situations. For you oldies out there - a joke about taxes and mortgages.

Makes Me Think of You - Set in official timeline, after events of Grand Prix Final and Japanese and Russian national championships - Yuuri and Victor return to Hasetsu for the New Years. A sweet story.

PLUS - 8 pages of linear notes, 3 page freetalk, and 13 pages of bonus comics.

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