Image of Arabesque zine - issue #2
  • Image of Arabesque zine - issue #2
  • Image of Arabesque zine - issue #2

Arabesque zine - issue #2

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Zine featuring 19 contributors from around the world. Colour cover with 16 colours pages and 130+ B&W pages. Perfect bound by hand.

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Inspired by the recalling of the tiny loves, dreams and fancies that comfort and console the mind, Arabesque is an aesthetic zine aimed at all things beautiful and refined.

The second issue of Arabesque was released in March 2011 and features 16 colour pages and over 130 pages of articles, comics, illustrations, and photographs. Highlights include an article on Weimar era films, a fashion guide for train travel, adaptations of familiar folk tales like the Red Shoes, and comics from Jordyn Bochon and Colleen MacIsaac. From the city and film to traditions and folktales, this issue traverses across space, time, and memory.

An Nguyen editor
Jordyn Bochon
Anthony Cudahy
Sarah Ferrick
Hilary Florido
Kim Hoang
Rachel Law
Jane Mai
Colleen MacIsaac
Kat Mukai
Kris Mukai
Johnny Mukai
Mickey Quinn
Rinna Saramaki
Jacquelyn Thurmond
Angie Wang
Anna Wieszcyk

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